Is this really a FREE service?

Yes, at Apartment Dash we offer a FREE apartment locating service that helps you find the your ideal Houston apartment FAST & EASY. We get paid a referral fee by the property owners when you reference Apartment Dash as how you found their apartments.

By using Apartment Dash do I miss out on getting even a better deal from the apartments?

Absolutely not! We are paid from the properties marketing budget just like the apartment owner pay to advertise on apartment websites and apps. The difference with us is that a living person who is a Houston apartment expert will do all the leg work to help you easily find your ideal apartment home. Our comprehensive service basically takes away the headache of you having to spend hours searching for your new apartment on your own.

Are you local and can you provide other Houston information?

Yes, our real estate professionals at Apartment Dash live, work and play in the Houston area. We know the neighborhoods that can best cater to your personal taste, hobbies, and entertainment. We also know communicating patterns of the city to advise you how to prevent having to spend half your lifetime stuck in traffic. Our agents are also foodies who can recommend a great place to for you chow down.